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Instrument of Accession of Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir was one of the 550 Princely states given choice to join India or Pakistan way back in 1947

Parliamentary Resolution on J&K on February 22, 1994

Parliamentary Resolution, passed on February 22, 1994, calls upon Pakistan to stop forthwith its support to terrorism, which is in violation of the Simla Agreement

What is January 1949 UN resolution all about

The UN brokered a cease-fire in 1949, and a five-member commission drew up a resolution calling for a referendum to decide Kashmir's future

Simla Agreement Between India-Pakistan

The agreement, signed in July 2, 1972, bound the two countries "to settle their differences by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations"

Lahore declaration called for non-intervention and non-interference

The Lahore Declaration was a bilateral agreement between India and Pakistan

Treaty of Amritsar - March 16, 1846

Maharajah Gulab Singh had to pay to the British Government the sum of seventy five lakhs of rupees (Nanak Shahi)

UNSC Resolution 38 - January 17, 1948

Resolution 38 (1948) Submitted by the Representative of Belgium and adopted by the Security Council at its 229th meeting held on 17 January, 1948. (Document No. S1651, dated the 17th January, 1948)

UNSC Resolution 39 - January 20, 1948

Resolution 39 (1948) Submitted by the Representative of Belgium and adopted by the Security Council at its 230th meeting held on 20 January, 1948 (Document No. S/654, dated the 20th January, 1948)

UNCIP I - August 13, 1948

Resolution adopted by the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan on 13 August 1948 (Document No.1100, Para. 75, dated the 9th Nov, 1948)

UNSC Resolution 47 - April 21, 1948

Resolution 47 (1948) on the India-Pakistan question submitted jointly by the Representatives for Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, the United Kingdom and United States of America and adopted by the Security Council at its 286th meeting held on 21 April, 1948. (Document No. 5/726, dated the 21st April, 1948)

Treaty of Lahore - March 9, 1846

The Treaty of Lahore was signed on 9 March 1846 after the First Sikh War. After the defeat of the Sikhs at the Battle of Sobraon the British were able to march into Lahore without any further battles"