The video has been viral on social media, showing Chinese soldiers holding and firing a rocket launcher in the wrong way

A two-minute-long video of an alleged Chinese soldier holding and firing a rocket launcher in a wrong way is doing rounds of social media with many taking a jibe at the ‘so-called’ military prowess of China.

Shared on twitter by Editor of Indian Defence Forum, Yusuf Unjhawala, the video shows a man in a military uniform holding a heavy RPG-launcher weapon in the wrong direction. As soon as the man launches the rocket, it backfires and he and his associates have a narrow escape.

According to a report by Republic World, a major disaster was averted as the people standing beside the officer had a lucky escape after the rocket was fired into the ground and it bounced back violently swinging the officer pell-mell.

Unjhawala sharing the video wrote, “Dear @HuXijin_GT – this your equipment and training.”

The video has been shared taking a jibe at the Editor of Chinese funded newspaper Global Times, Hu Xijin who quite frequently on his twitter handle posts videos related to the training and equipment of the Chinese Army. The flaunting of defence equipment is a part of Chinese way of warmongering and fear mongering. It is a part psychological warfare that China resorts to quite often.

As soon the video was posted, netizens started trolling by calling names to the ‘Made in China’ equipment. As per Republic World, One Twitter user also pointed out that this may be the reason the Chinese army uses 'knives and rods' to attack their enemy because their weapons are not dependable.

A twitter user wrote, “The famous Chinese quality use and throw products. So they also make rocket launchers the same way. Both the rocket and launcher launched together.”

Another one wrote, “It’s plain hopeless.”

Several other twitteratis also trolled China for the same.

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