China’s menacing plan entailed development of genetic bioweapons to be used against its enemies

A leaked document written by the Chinese scientists and public health officials in 2015 discussed the weaponisation of SARS coronavirus, the Weekend Australian, a broadsheet newspaper published by News Corp Australia has revealed.

The leaked document titled, ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons’ maintains that the World War III would be fought with biological weapons.

The document which was released five years earlier before the start of covid-19 described SARS coronaviruses as a “new era of genetic weapons” that can be “artificially manipulated into an emerging human ­disease virus, then weaponised and unleashed in a way never seen before”.

Peter Jennings, the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) told the media outlet that the document is as close to a “smoking gun” as we have got.

“I think this is significant because it clearly shows that Chinese scientists were thinking about military application for different strains of the coronavirus and thinking about how it could be deployed,” Jennings said.

“It begins to firm up the possibility that what we have here is the accidental release of a pathogen for military use,” Jenning added. He said that the document may explain why China has been so reluctant to outside probe into the origins of coronavirus.

Among the 18 listed authors of this document are People’s Liberation Army scientists and weapons experts.

Speaking about the credibility of this paper, Robert Potter, a cyber security specialist who analyses leaked Chinese government documents says the document isn’t really fake. He also added that “It’s a really interesting article to show what their scientific researchers are thinking,”.

Since the spread of covid-19 across the globe, there have been 156 million cases of COVID-19 and 3.26 million deaths worldwide.